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Western Architecture Awards Winner 2020


This delightful, cleverly designed tiny house is sited on the banks of the Whanganui River amongst native flax, and in close proximity to the town centre. The relationship between architecture, site and context is exceptional. Inspired by the idea of turning an object into a building, Iona features the reclaimed hull of a 1925 Kauri workboat and is a celebration of the re-use of materials. Parts of the old boat have been used as flooring, decking, landscape posts and lighting. The narrative of the project, from the origin of the boat to the source of other materials, gives it a strong sustainability focus. Great consideration has gone into the design, construction detailing, and crafting of the building; the complexity of this project is anything but small (35 square meters).


Architect: Drawingroom Architecture & Design

For bookings please contact Elinor Harvey McDouall

Words thanks to New Zealand Institute of Architects

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